IBM TechXchange underscores the importance of AI skilling and partner innovation

Generative AI and large language models are poised to impact how we all access and use information. But as organizations race to adopt these new technologies for business, it requires a global ecosystem of partners with industry expertise to identify the right enterprise use-cases for AI and the technical skills to implement the technology.

During TechXchange, IBM’s premier technical learning event in Las Vegas last week, IBM Partner Plus members including our Strategic Partners, resellers, software vendors, distributors and service partners showed up in full force, joining us on stage to share how they are embracing watsonx, our enterprise-ready AI and data platform.

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Check out how a few of our partners participated in TechXchange and what they had to say about watsonx:


In support of Call for Code, Samsung used TechXchange to demonstrate watsonx-powered versions of the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5 with new apps running and watsonx Assistant. They also showcased how watsonx could enhance the power of Samsung SDS’s Zero Touch Mobility solution.

“IBM’s launch of watsonx was an awakening, and it inspired us to explore the immense potential of’s generative AI capabilities to deliver unprecedented innovations for our clients,” said Sean Im, CEO, Samsung SDS America.

Amazon Web Services (AWS)

AWS joined us at TechXchange, where they illustrated how our generative AI technologies can be complementary and highlighted the availability of on the AWS marketplace.

“Organizations are increasingly adopting data lakehouse solutions to support their growing data needs, especially as we see an industry-wide shift toward AI solutions,” said Soo Lee, Director Worldwide Strategic Alliances at AWS.

“Making available as a service in AWS Marketplace further supports our customers’ increasing needs around hybrid cloud – giving them greater flexibility to run their business processes wherever they are, while providing choice of a wide range of AWS services and IBM cloud native software attuned to their unique requirements.”

Krista Software

“There’s a lot of excitement in the market about the value of large language models (LLMs) and generative AI, but many teams are struggling to get started because of concerns about costs, data privacy, other aspects of the enterprise readiness of available LLM solutions,” said Luther Birdzell, Chief AI Officer, Krista Software.

“IBM’s is the first enterprise-grade LLM offering that brings trustworthy, scalable, and transparent AI that can be delivered on timelines and maintained at costs that align with industry leading return on investment (ROI).”


Crushbank demonstrated how they are using Watson Discovery and to streamline the handling of extensive data in support centers, simplifying complex tickets with large language models. 

“We are especially interested in leveraging the summarization features in to greatly improve service delivery,” said David Tan, CTO, CrushBank Technology, Inc.

“Providing IT agents with a comprehensive and accurate information source quickly and reliably eliminates the need to go through multiple documents manually. Integrating capabilities with our data information sources, we can correlate and summarize information from various documents, delivering concise natural language answers.”

Arrow Electronics

Arrow Electronics was also onstage leading sessions. “Providing innovative solutions that bolster security and resilience, Arrow is committed to empowering organizations to safeguard their digital assets so they can thrive in an increasingly complex cyber landscape,” said Matthew Brennan, Vice President, Supplier Alliances, Arrow Electronics. “IBM watsonx has garnered industry recognition, reinforcing Arrow’s enthusiasm for generative AI and offering cutting-edge innovations for their customers. By harnessing the power of, Arrow can help customers transform their core business operations with intelligence, helping ensure accuracy, scalability, and adaptability.”

Supporting multiple industries and an ever-growing number of use cases to solve real business problems, IBM is expanding our ecosystem to help clients infuse their core business operations with intelligence. Through the help of our partners, IBM’s generative AI platform is making it easier for organizations to design and deploy AI that is more accurate, scalable and adaptable than ever before.

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